5 Strategies to Promote Your NFTs by Rose Burnett

Akonu Peace Gathering NFT by Digital Creator, Rose Burnett on Opensea

So you have created and minted your first NFT Collection and probably trying to figure out how to sell and promote them?

It does help to know a little about traditional digital marketing and being open to learning the world of NFTs.

With an 18 year background in digital and social media marketing, I find NFTs to be an entirely new game in figuring out how to get your NFTs in front of genuine NFT Collectors.

As with any emerging market it comes down to doing your research and experimenting, I have to be honest I did not find a lot of information online.

Here are some the key strategies I have tried and experimented with my own Vixen3d and Elisium NFT Collection, to help get you started in promoting your NFTs.

Before you get started make sure to set up your Social Media Channels for your NFT Collection on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and a Discord Server. You will need these to announce and verify your NFT Drop, for NFT Directory Listings, and to promote your NFTs.Ideally you will also have a dedicated website with more information about your NFT Collection, you as the Designer, and Online Gallery of Your NFTs. Make sure your web content and any images are optimised for search engines.

1. Announce Your NFT Drop

Best place to announce your NFT Drop is on NFT Calendar, its free. They generally take around 48 hours to approve your event listing. There are also paid options if you want to jump the queue and promote your event listing.

You will need a good title, detailed description, cover image, and event information including marketplace URL, category, website and contact info, Official PR Release if you have one, Twitter and Discord links.

You will also need to verify your listing on Discord with their team, and place their logo with a link to your NFT Calendar event on your website. Noting, Google ranks this listing high on first page of results.

2. Create a Buzz About Your NFTs on Social Media

Promote, promote, promote! Daily posts are best on all your social media channels. Highest engagement I have found is on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

It is very quick to build a community of followers on TikTok, create catchy short videos 21seconds up to 1 minute in length. Noting, TikTok have recently upgraded to include videos of up to 10 minutes long. I have found video views are good on TikTok.

I was initially able to promote my NFT videos on TikTok which got up to 4,000 views each for a 3 day ad promotion for a cost around $21AU . Then TikTok seemed to change their protocols around NFTs and cryptocurrency advertising, so I have only been able to post videos not promote them.

If you have other established social media channels make sure to retweet and share your NFT posts across all your profiles.

Twitter has a high NFT engagement, so make sure to:

  • Follow Top NFT Collectors with large follower counts. Just research Google for these, most have a Twitter account. You can also check who I am following on Twitter here.
  • Follow Top NFT Communities and NFT Galleries
  • Follow your Marketplace (like OpenSea, Rarible etc), Discord and major players in NFTs on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok
  • Look out for tweets by Collectors wanting to know about your NFT Drop or who are buying NFTs. Add your best NFT image or media along with your marketplace URL link. Just don’t spam and watch out for posting too much and tagging, or Twitter will restrict your account.
  • Curate NFT News and publish it to your social media accounts, this can help add more interest and depth to your feeds and give you more chance of being retweeted.

Instagram has a lot of buzz going on about NFTs. A word of caution, once you start posting about your NFT Collection, you will get inundated by comments and messages from NFT Promoters. Try your free promotional tools first.

Search Engine Listings

Your dedicated NFT social media channels will list well on Google and will often be the top listings if you search for your NFT Collection. So they are important.

To check which listings and content is ranking well on the search engines, simply enter your NFT Collection name into Google and check what comes up on the first 1–3 pages of search results.

What also ranks well is any videos you post to YouTube on your NFT Collections.

Make sure to set up a Business Facebook page for your NFTs so you can post directly from Instagram to Twitter. Encourage your friends to follow you page, all content marketing helps to build a buzz around your NFTs.

You can also share information that helps people learn more about NFTs and why they should invest in them.

With your social media marketing, be consistent, and keep taking daily action to promote your NFTs. Regularly post, engage as much as you can, and don’t expect immediate results.

Remember, its going to take you some time to build a buzz about your NFTs and for people to get to know your NFT Collection.

3. Publish a Press Release

A well written press release packs a lot of punch when it comes to promoting your NFT Collection and getting noticed world-wide.

There is a distinct framework for writing a good press release. It needs to be written in third person view and not be a sales pitch. You want to have some really good visual samples of your work to include with the Press Release.

One of the best PR platforms where you can get your first Press Release for free is EIN Presswire . It is a very high quality Press Release and it gets distributed to many news outlets and countries.

One of the best things about publishing a Press Release is that it ranks very highly on the Search Engines, particularly Google. If you want some tips on how to write a good press release, you can check out the Press Release for my Elisium NFT Collection here.

Make sure to share your published press release across your social media channels.

Oyster Pearl NFT | By Rose Burnett – Elisium Collection

4. List Your NFT Collection on NFT Directories

NFT Directories are emerging online, where you can add your NFT Collection as a listing. Some are for NFT Drops, others are to raise awareness of your NFT Collection and you as the NFT Artist.

Next NFT Drop

NFT Social Network

NFT Project List






Tip: If you want to find more, simply search in Google for NFT Directories or ‘List my NFT’.

5. Content Marketing — Article Writing, Blogging & NFT News Curation

Traditional forms of content marketing still have much value to offer when it comes to promoting your NFTs.

You can write articles and blog posts about NFT News or ‘How To Articles’ and publish them on your own website and sharing them on your social media channels.

You can also submit them for publication in online magazines and platforms.

Setting up your own Medium account is a good place to start as they have a wide audience and you can target your articles to subscribers with specific interest in NFTs, cryptocurrency and technology.

Also be on the lookout for online platforms where you can submit some niche articles on NFTs.

Curating NFT News

A great curating tool to find news on NFTs, Cryptocurrency and the NFT Industry is Scoop.it .

You can set up a free account with one curated topic and links to two social media channels (like Twitter and Facebook), so you can curate and publish NFT News direct to your social media channels.

There is a search tool to find NFT news and add to your curated topic, you can add your own feedback, hashtags and opt which posts you want to share to social media.

You can also add your own links for articles, posts you have written, videos you have published on YouTube, PR releases and more. I tend to find when I publish them through my Scoop.it account direct to twitter, they get more likes and retweets.

You can also create a Weekly NFT Bulletin of curated news as a Blog Post on your website, using news articles curated from Scoop.it. Then publicise this through your social media channels.

It all helps to build your credibility and knowledgeability on NFTs with your followers and audience.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with the apps, platforms, or service providers mentioned in this article, nor do I earn any affiliate commissions. Reviews are purely based on my own experiences.

Well I hope you enjoyed this article!

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