Finding Creative Inspiration for NFTs

Sheena NFT on Rarible in Belle La Femme NFT Collection by Artist, Rose Burnett

By Digital Artist, Rose Burnett | ELISIUM GALLERY

The NFT Market is an exciting space for Creatives to showcase their talent and explore new ways to create income from NFT Sales.

Coming from a marketing background, I have always believed in playing the long game with new emerging markets and NFTs are no different.

It takes a lot of experimentation and patience to figure out the type of NFT Art that will appeal to investors and how to effectively market your NFTs so they get noticed.

Experimenting with NFTs

Like many artists, I’m still trying to figure the magic formula for success when it comes to selling NFTs. Since January 2022, I have been tweaking pricing, testing different NFT collections and art styles, and experimenting with NFT Platforms.

The first NFTs I created in Eaglespirit NFT Collection on Opensea showcase Iconic photographs melded with Urban Art, inviting the Soul to journey deep into the unknown.

Featuring original photography that captures the beauty and vibrancy of nature and modern life in Western Australia to create breathtaking and quirky scenes that delight the Soul.

Eaglespirit NFT Collection on Opensea

I learnt a lot with my first collection, mostly on how to create, mint and launch an NFT Collection. If you want to learn the basics, check out my Elisium Gallery Blog.

Creating NFT Collectibles

My second collection was Vixen3D NFT Collection on OpenSea featuring Limited Edition Collectible NFT Characters and 3D Grafitti Art Caricatures.

Vixen3D NFT Collection by Digital Artist, Rose Burnett

I created this collection to see if they would work better with the trending NFT Sales in collectibles and gaming characters. They were a lot of fun to create in high definition 3D.

Creating Futuristic NFTs & Impressionist Art

My third NFT Collection is the ‘Elisium NFT Collection’ on OpenSea and is my largest collection of NFTs. Featuring impressionist and futurist digital artwork, allowing me to fully express my creativity.

Wunderlust Beach Print by Rose Burnett in Elisium Gallery
Wunderlust Beach — Elisium NFT Collection by Artist, Rose Burnett

Created with a combination of AI and digital art to create quirky scenes and explore far out into the future.

Futuristic Art by Rose Burnett at Elisium Gallery
Miron Gateway — Elisium NFT Collection on OpenSea

I love the concept of ‘limitless’ when it comes to the imagination and the Elisium NFT Collection embodies that.

Exploring Divine Feminine Art — Belle La Femme Collection

My most recent NFT Collection is the beautiful Belle La Femme Collection on Rarible, which features the divine feminine form. The base layer of each artwork is created from a real-life self-portrait.

Impressionist Art by Rose Burnett in Belle La Femme Collection at Elisium Gallery
Belle La Femme Collection

I decided to experiment and mint my Belle La Femme NFT Collection on a different NFT Platform. I chose Rarible to see if NFT sales would be higher.

So far, not much difference in NFT sale results. Although there are slight differences in setting up and minting NFTs and Collections on Rarible versus OpenSea.

With Rarible you can choose ‘Lazy Minting’ option which means the buyer pays the price of minting on the NFT Sale or Transfer, keeping your costs low as an emerging Artist.

There are many ways to leverage your social media channels to raise awareness and promote your art and NFTs to a wider community.

For those emerging artists, I hope you found this post helpful and inspires you to get cracking with creating NFT’s and selling your artwork ~ Rose Burnett.


Rose is a Digital Artist of Impressionist Art in Canvas & Acrylic Prints at Elisium Gallery and NFT Creator on OpenSea & Rarible.

Rose Burnett was previously a Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Executive Contributor to the Brainz Magazine (2021–2022) and CREA Global Awards Recipient 2021 recognizing Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders in innovation, sustainability and their contributions to mental health. Digital Marketing Expert with 19 years’ experience in online businesses, SEO and growth marketing.

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