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Digital Artist, Rose Burnett

Digital Artist, Rose Burnett of Elisium Gallery

Rose Burnett is Digital Artist & Founder, Elisium Gallery. Collection of Impressionist and Futuristic art available in limited edition canvas and acrylic prints and NFTs.

Rose is Creator of Elisium NFT Collection and Vixen3D NFT Collection available on OpenSea and Belle La Femme NFT Collection on Rarible.  

All Premium NFTs include bonus unlockable content of Canvas Print of the Artwork, including shipping. Learn more about NFT Investment here.

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I love combining digital art with AI to create these impressionism and futuristic digital artworks for you.  I have been creative for as long as I can remember, probably my earliest memory is from the age of four.  Sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother Dorothy as she patiently taught me how to paint on ceramics. She was a watercolour and oil paint artist until the day she died at nearly 103.  My ongoing source of inspiration.

Rose Burnett

Rose lives in Perth, Western Australia and is a Certified Transformational Coach with 37.7K following on YouTube . As well as art, Rose works as SEO & Growth Marketing Coach and previously Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine (2021-2022) and CREA 2021 Global Awards Honoree.

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